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First Post

Welcome to the new blog of Thrifty Chap.

I’ve been a money saver for some time and hope that through this blog and plenty of tweets I’ll be able to help other people save some cash! Starting in the festive season I thought would be a good idea, so here we go!

Christmas is upon us and there’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of a festive sandwich. But instead of buying one from the shops, it’s cheaper to make it yourself!

Tesco festive sandwich £2.20

Thrifty Chap festive sandwiches (items bought at Tesco):

British roast turkey 125g £1.80 (or 2 for £3)

6 Bread rolls: 65p (or 2 for £1)

Cranberry sauce: 75p

Stuffing mix 85g: 20p

So for £3.40 you have enough ingredients to make 2 rolls a day for 3 days

If you buy the ‘2 for’ offers, you’ll still have twice as much turkey and bread and enough stuffing and cranberry sauce to make the 6 extra sandwiches so you’d have 6 days worth of rolls for £4.95. That works out at 82.5p a day for 2 festive rolls.

You might want to consider freezing your second pack of rolls & perhaps the turkey slices depending on the use by date on the pack.

6 days worth of Tesco’s prepacked sandwiches would be £13.20.

You’d saving £8.25 making them yourself.

We also added some extra bits & pieces in to make them even better – we had some leftover sausages from one night and leftover gammon from the slow cooker which was great added into the mix. Also, if you eat them at home, then add the stuffing straight out the oven which gives each mouthful a bit of heat. Or opt for bread instead of a roll and turn it into a toasty! Let me know on Twitter what you think. Ho-ho-ho!


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