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Make Next Christmas Easier

I’ve noticed quite a few people have already taken their Christmas decorations down. We usually do it in the first week of January & my wife has already been tackling some of the decorations whilst I get back on top of work.

However, last year I left all the Christmas lights in the hedges at the front of the house. This year, they must come back in as I need to sort said hedges and the rest of the front garden out properly. The boxes they came in have long since been recycled, and let’s face it, Christmas lights never go back into the box properly. So how else can you store them?

Well, a piece of cardboard (we have loads to recycle after Christmas!) with a cut in each end is ideal. Wrap the lights around the cardboard using the cuts to keep everything tight. Then pop each set of lights in it’s own carrier bag so they don’t get tangled together. For a full run down of how to do it, check this page out.

We also invested in some decent plastic storage crates with lids a couple of years ago instead of cardboard boxes which can go damp and out of shape, possibly damaging your Christmas decorations. It’s well worth it in my opinion, they are easier to stack on top of each other in the loft too. They were about £3 each from Homebase but I’m sure you can get some from bargain shops.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing later this week. Hopefully, a bit of time spent sorting now will make the process of getting Christmas stuff out again at the end of the year, that little bit easier!


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