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Going to the cinema to see the new action packed blockbuster or animated adventure is awesome. But it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Cinemas are known for ‘renting seats & selling sugar’ but you don’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy a visit. Here are a few top tips for you…

The first one, everyone really knows, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. Make a qualifying purchase from Compare The Market and you can claim a voucher code for use every Tuesday or Wednesday. This gives you 2 for 1 on tickets.

If you can’t get enough of going to the cinema, a few of them offer an ‘unlimited’ card. You pay monthly and then can visit as often as you like. You also tend to get a percentage saving on any food you buy (don’t buy food for cinemas – see below!) Cineworld’s Unlimited Card is £17.40 a month and you can watch as many films, as many times as you want. At the moment, if you click to the website through Quidco, you’ll receive £9.57 cashback. So your first month is £7.83 – that’s cheaper than buying a single ticket! If you recommend a friend & they register, you’ll both receive one month’s free membership. So you could get your first month for £7.83 (after cashback) then ‘recommend’ your spouse or friend and both receive a free month. Probably worth it during the summer Blockbuster season or if a bunch of films you want to see come out at the same time. Cancel anytime by calling them.

Some cinemas offer a kids club in the mornings on weekends and during school holidays. Tickets are EVERYONE are cheap. The Odeon price is £2.75 a ticket, whether you’re a child, mum, dad or grandparent. Whilst they won’t be the latest releases, they are U-rated movies, suitable for everyone and more-often-than-not, animated features. A bit of noise is expected, it’s a kids screening, so your children won’t really be annoying anyone.

Some cinemas have peak/off peak times. If you can plan your visit during the off peak screenings, you’ll get cheaper tickets! Compare the prices on the cinema’s website.

Food and drink at cinemas is stupidly overpriced, the mark up is absolutely farcical. Take your own! A 90g bag of popcorn from Tesco costs £1 and I’m sure there are cheaper deals out there. I’m always seeing popcorn deals on cashback apps. Grab a bag of whatever’s-on-offer sweets for £1 as well. Take your own bottle of drink.

If there are movies you missed that are no longer on at the cinema, check out NOWTV with the Sky Cinema pass. At the moment, again via Quidco, for genuine new customers who complete the 14 day free trial and pay their first month of the Sky Cinema Month Pass, you’ll get £10 cashback. The pass is £9.99. So you’ll get about 6 weeks of cinema watching for free. Remember to cancel as it’s a rolling contract ’til you do.

So there we go. Hopefully you’ll now be able to enjoy a rom-com or slasher flick, for cheaper. Let me know your top cinema tips over on Twitter.


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