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Passport Renewals Become Easier

It’s great news. If you’re renewing your passport, you no longer have to go & pay for your photo to be taken. Instead, the Home Office has stepped into 2017 and digital photographs are being accepted. Hurrah!

I must state this is only for renewals and not all renewals.

Photos taken on your phone (not selfies!) are now being accepted as you can apply to renew your passport online.

To be able to apply for a passport renewal online;

  • You must be applying from the United Kingdom
  • You must be 26 years old or over
  • You must not be renewing a damaged passport
  • You must not be making any changes to your personal details

Like all passport photos you’ll have to be facing forward and looking straight at the camera, with a neutral look on your face. No glare from any glasses etc.

Your photo will go through preliminary checks to make sure it will be accepted and you’ll know pretty much straight away. It will then go through additional checks and you may have to submit a new photo at a later date.

If your application is for a first-time passport , you’ll have to take the traditional route.

Someone from the Home Office has been quoted saying: “Applying online using digital photographs will make it quicker and easier for millions of customers to apply for their passport.

If you’re worried about the safety of this type of renewal, they also said:

“The security checks conducted on digital applications are the same as they are for paper applications, with passport photographs continuing to meet international standards.”

This is definitely a good thing, time is money after all! I know we always send ours special delivery, which was an extra cost on top of getting the passport in the first place. It’s £72.50 for an adult passport or £46 for a child. That’s a massive amount of anyone, especially a family of four going on holiday together. Hopefully the extra hassle of posting stuff via special delivery is a small step in the right direction.


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