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Last Minutes Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s the day of love tomorrow. Or for the cynics, another opportunity for shops to get some money out of you.

Some people choose to not do these ‘holidays’, that’s fine, no worries at all. Whilst I think you should show the person you love how much you love them every day (I often fail on this!) we do Valentine’s Day in our house.

If you’ve forgotten all about it, here’s a few ideas which won’t break the bank!

  • Head to an old date spot. You don’t have to do anything whilst you’re there, just enjoy reminiscing as you wander hand in hand.
  • Write them a letter. Make it meaningful, unlock your heart and let it pour out across the page. Sometimes saying stuff is difficult, writing things down is easier & last’s a lifetime.
  • Give your loved one a foot massage.
  • Leave your mobile phone in a drawer and enjoy an evening together, just chatting, with no distractions.
  • Breakfast in bed – get up earlier than your spouse and take them their breakfast in bed. It could even just be a cup of coffee! It’ll mean a lot.
  • Go through some old photos together, remember where you’ve been and what you’ve been through together.
  • Have sex.
  • Wipe the slate clean – let go of any grudges or bad feeling between you. Accept your partner for who they are, the person you fell in love with.
  • Do one of your partner’s chores.
  • Pop a love note (or even just a smiley face) in their lunch.
  • Get out of work early & meet your spouse at their office. Walk home together hand-in-hand, even if it’s a long way, even if it’s raining. Rain = romance.
  • Take a bath together. If the bath is too small to be comfortable, have a shower!
  • Volunteer together. Give something back to society whilst spending time together.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost the world. Small well-thought out gestures mean more than chucking the credit card at a huge present. No relationship needs to stress of debt and money worries, so don’t put yourself in that situation. Show some love this Valentine’s Day! #bigkiss



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