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5 ways to make your day a little bit better

Life is crazy. I know that I’m run off my feet most of the time. What if there were a few ways to make things flow a bit simpler? To make the day that little bit easier, better? You know what, there are.

1 – Make your bed. Improving your day starts with one simple task in the morning. Make that bed! That includes your children’s beds too. It’s where you need to be relaxed, so coming back to it for rest at the end of a busy day, to find it in a state, isn’t ideal. If you’re well rested you’ll be set to conquer at work and life. Kids are also likely to be calmer if their room isn’t a mess, making the bedtime routine easier. Start the day as you mean to carry on.

2 – Plan ahead. Get a handle on your week and figure out what is going to happen when. From appointments to meals, sort out what you’re going to do and stick to the plan. So many times do I get to tea time and discover that we haven’t organised what we’re having to eat. Knowing who is in for food, and what food you’re having will also help you with your shopping trips and budgeting.

3 – Pack a healthy snack. Whilst we’re talking about shopping, buy some healthy snacks. If you’re on the go all day, it’s easy to start eating junk. A piece of fruit, for instance, will keep hunger at bay whilst you’re out and about and you won’t feel guilty for buying a pasty or cake to see you through ’til your meal time. Your wallet won’t feel empty either, bonus!

4 – Write stuff down. I have great ideas (well, what I think are great!) all the time but if I don’t write them down, boom, they’re gone forever into the ether of my brain which never lets things reappear. Not only is it frustrating, I then spend time trying to figure out what the idea was, essentially wasting time as I never actually remember. By writing things down, we unload our brains and can focus on the task at hand better, before coming back to that ultimate (possibly money-making?) idea later.

5 – Clean as you go. With kids in the house, get them to tidy up one game before they start another. No parent wants a living room full of toys to contend with at the end of the day. Who actually enjoys stepping on Lego!? This applies to other areas of the house too. If you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, don’t just stand there, wipe down the sides or empty the bin. If you’re running the bath, give the toilet a once over and refill the toilet roll holder. You’ll be thankful in the long run. (You could even get your children involved with nasties-free cleaning sprays, or better yet, have fun working together to create a natural cleaner which costs less than one off the shelf!)

5.5 – Hug. Give someone a hug. Whether it’s a man hug or a lovely cuddle with your spouse. It’s completely free and can change someone else’s day for the better. This is one I need to work on, but I do love a freebie!

So there you go. There are five and a half ways to make your day that little bit better.


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