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Car Insurance

There are so many car insurance adverts on our TVs all the time. It’s quite annoying. One which stands out to me is the DirectLine one. Comparison sites aren’t always cheaper!

By the way – this post is in no way affiliated or sponsored by DirectLine, I’m just telling the story that I’ve been through. 

The good thing about comparison sites is that you can see just how cheap you can get your insurance for from LOADS of insurance companies. It helps you get a ball-park figure which is ideal. But not all insurance companies are on these sites.

When our car insurance was up for renewal in 2015, I did the usual comparison site stuff to generate a price. I wasn’t happy with the price. So I had a look at sites which weren’t on there. DirectLine were the cheapest for the package (adds-ons included like hire car etc) I wanted, so we went with them.

I fully expected my renewal quote to be higher in 2016. It wasn’t, it was slightly lower. I did a quick comparison on Compare The Market or something and the companies on there couldn’t get close to what I was being offer with a renewal.

I’ll do a quick comparison site check again this year when our car insurance is up for renewal, but I’m hoping that DirectLine can impress again with a figure I’m happy with.

What I’m trying to get across is that whilst comparison sites are convenient, they don’t always generate the cheapest prices. Make sure to check if your chosen insurer is on cashback sites like Quidco. I’ve previously gone with a more expensive insurer because they had a great cashback offer on, which resulted in far cheaper insurance for a year than I could have got by going with the lowest one on screen.

If you don’t want a free cuddly toy, take a look at some companies who have chosen to stay away from comparison sites. It might seem like more effort, but you could get a much cheaper quote!


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