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March Money Goals

It’s good to have some goals every month. Whether it’s saving, or simply spending less. Here are a few ideas to get you started for March.

Pay with cash. It’s so easy, even more so with contactless, to just hand over your card.Shopping online is terrible for it too! If you’re having to physically hand over £50 for some shopping, you’ll think twice before you buy and you’ll appreciate what you’ve purchased more. Use cold hard cash only this month.

March brings Mother’s Day – look for something that isn’t advertised as being sold for Mother’s Day, it’ll probably be cheaper.

It’s less than 10 months ’til Christmas. If you know you need £500 for Christmas, try and put £50 away this month. It’ll ease the pressure once December comes around. Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time, but if you’ve managed to save for it throughout the year, you’re less likely to have your head turned by high-interest loans or be tempted to dump it on your credit card. No one wants debt, especially January-debt.

Turn that hobby into a money spinner. You may have read my previous post about Side Gigs. These ‘side hustles’ are perfect for making a bit of extra cash on the side. From April, you’ll be able to earn £1000 tax-free from these types of things. Try selling some of those paintings, or discover how to put your crafts for sale on Etsy. You could even try and fund something like Christmas purely from your side hustle!

Make your savings work for you. Take half an hour out to so some research as to where your savings are best placed to make you the most cash. Things change all the time so you’re quite often not getting the most from your saved monies. Comparison sites are a good starting point, but remember, they won’t always give you every option available.

So, there are 5 things you could do with your money this month. Let me know what your goals are and how you get on with them by the end of the March!


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