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I love wrestling.


I love wrestling. Yes, I said it. So many wrestling fans hide in the cupboard and don’t admit that they watch wrestling. They enjoy it with the curtains closed so no one says those words of “You know it’s fake, right?” to them.

Yes, we know it’s fake. I describe it as a soap with fighting. It’s story-lined, it’s sports entertainment, but it’s not fake. The jumps, falls, moves they perform are done as safely as possible, but it’s not fake. They still hurt, they still cause injury.

The photo above is a screengrab of the United Kingdom Championship tournament held in Blackpool earlier this year. I was there, in the front row, that’s me! It was great. But I wanted to share what I do in regards to watching WWE wrestling regularly, via a screen, not in a live environment where you can feel the room move with every bump and heckle the wrestlers from the front row.

The WWE Network is £9.99 a month. It covers a whole back catalogue of events and shows as well as new original content. There is SO much content available that no one would be able to watch it all. The thing is, if you’re keeping up with the current storylines, you need to watch the Pay-Per-Views on a regular basis. The Network subscription covers access to these PPVS which are usually once every 3-4 weeks. The Network does not include access to the weekly television shows like Raw & Smackdown, these are only added to the network about a month after they air on TV – due to licencing agreements with the likes of Sky Sports in the UK.

Fortunately, I don’t really watch those weekly shows. I simply don’t have time. I keep up to date with what’s been happening by reading articles from places like Bleacher Report and also the WWE has a superb social media presence with lots of video clips on Facebook for instance. It’s fairly easy to get a feel for what’s happening week to week, for free.

What I do with my WWE Network subscription is this…

I wait until the day of the event, or quite often, the day after the event as I don’t tend to watch them ‘live’ anymore due to having young kids and needing sleep. I activate my subscription, pay for my month, but then cancel straight away. This gives me 30 days access to the network. This obviously includes the PPV event that took place the night before but it quite often covers the next one too. That means (it doesn’t always work out like this but 9 times out of 10 it has so far) I get to watch two PPVs for £9.99. Sky Sports charge about £20 to watch a 3/4 hour PPV! The subscription then stops after 30 days and I wait to do the same thing the day of, or the day after the next event.

With Wrestlemania coming up in April, you might be considering watching some Wrestling. If you’re a new customer, a 30-day free trial is available. There was a PPV last night called Fastlane. This is the last big event before Wrestlemania where a lot of matches will be set up for the showcase of the immortals. Start your subscription now and you’ll be able to watch that, and Wrestlemania on April 2nd. Your 30 days would include access to the NXT event the night before Wrestlemania.

What I’m trying to say is, just like the 10 weeks of free box sets post I’ve done in the past, make things work for you. If you’re not going to watch, don’t leave a contract rolling, taking your money every month. If you pay and cancel, giving you 30 days of access, you’re more likely to watch things within that period, without the mindset of ‘I’ve got access all the time, I’ll watch later’. Activate and pay when you can watch, for stuff you will watch.

Oh, as a side note – there is an amazing British wrestling scene at the moment. There was an event live on ITV1 before Christmas which was a bit average and one on Spike TV earlier this year too which again, was ok to watch. Get yourself along to a live event or watch some of the matches online. Check out Progress Wrestling for a flavour of what’s available. Whilst WWE is the most popular wrestling platform in the world, some of the best matches and wrestlers are coming out of the British scene.


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