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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and I’ve collated a few gift ideas which she’ll love and that won’t really cost you a penny.

Make her breakfast in bed or cook her a home-cooked meal. Ban her from the kitchen on Mothering Sunday!

Do the laundry of one of the other chores she usually does on a daily basis. Maybe take that off her chore list for good & do it every day from now on?

Teach her something – finally get her online or set up her Facebook account so she can see what’s going on in your life and also connect with old friends.

In the same vein – ask her to teach you something. We often forget that people older than us have talents too. Maybe she knits all the time and you’d like to learn, or you fancy inheriting that famous cooking recipe?

Do her favourite activity with her, share in her life!

Give her a copy of that book you’ve been banging on about since you started reading it.

Let her have access to your Netflix account so she too can enjoy the TV shows you’ve been watching. You’ll have something extra to talk about!

If she’s no longer around, chat about favourite memories of her with siblings and friends or even release a balloon in her honour.

If you can’t be with her on the day, call her! Don’t just text or email, get on that phone!

Thank her for everything she’s done for you and tell her just how much you love her. Hugs are worth more than physical gifts.

Putting time into your gifts is spot on. Last year, I sent a bouquet of flowers via an online flower delivery company. When they turned up, they were appalling. My mum doesn’t complain about much but she wasn’t impressed with these. Flowers and chocolates are all well and good in the traditional sense of Mother’s Day, but you Mum is probably wanting to spend a bit of time with you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and time together is time well spent!.

Happy Mother’s Day Mums!


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