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Why Aren’t You Using Cashback Apps Yet?

Cashback apps are a wonderful thing. I tell family and friends about them all the time and to be honest, not many of them end up using them which is a shame.

A real shame. Many of them say that the offers will just be for stuff they don’t need or they don’t want to pay for something to maybe not get it tracked or the cash be paid back. I’ve never had a bad experience with cashback apps so would encourage folk to use them.

Shopitize was wonderful for a long time but I think it ran into a few problems and since then I’ve not really used it.

What I do use, on a weekly basis, is CheckoutSmart and Clicksnap.

These are both from the same company, so usually have the same offers on them. But what is great is that you can use both, as long as you get two receipts – ie, you can’t use the same receipt on both.

Today I picked up 2 BIG bottles of Amstel beer as the offer was on both, along with a bottle of Old Mout cider which was just on one of them. I got home and uploaded the receipts, then the apps were updated that afternoon with more beer freebies. Another 3 free bottles across the accounts. I’ll have to go back!

If you look at the photo I’ve included (I took it last week) all of that was free, in fact, I earned 2p on it due to the cashback apps giving you 1p for every receipt you upload.

So once I get those 3 other bottles of beer – that will be 7 bottles of beer for free in the last week or so. Well worth it!

I tend to leave the money in the CheckoutSmart app until it gets to about £30 (payments under £20 incur a 5% fee, £20+ is free to withdraw) but the Clicksnap app is connected to your Quidco account and so any money earned goes directly into your Quidco total.

Shopmium is another great one with quite a few freebies, plus the bonus of paying you directly into your account with no minimum amount required. Use code KFMKKEFK & you’ll get free Lindor chocolates when you sign up.

I’d encourage you to download these apps. They quite often encourage you to try new products for free or give you half price shower gel, but it all adds up!


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