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Bank Holiday Ice Creams

Happy Bank Holidays Monday! I love these days off. Maybe heading to the beach, the local park, hoping to catch a glimpse of sunshine so you can grab an ice cream?

Whilst ice creams from the ice cream van are often a treat – who doesn’t love a freshly put together mint choco chip in a choc top waffle cone – the price is often massively off-putting.

They’re at least £2 each, probably more, say £2.50. For a family of 4 that’s £10. Whilst it’s nice to have a treat, if you’re passing a shop, like Tesco for instance, they sell 4 strawberry and vanilla (other flavours available!) cones for £1. That’s a 90% saving!

This means that if the kids don’t finish theirs, or one is dropped, you’re not looking at it on the floor like it’s a couple of pound coins been wasted. The children probably aren’t too bothered about what it is either, they just want ice cream. If you explain that it’s a lot cheaper too, it’s a way of instilling that respect for money into them.

If you’re heading away on holiday this summer, you might end up being somewhere where there is no other option than to shell out the £10+ for a few ice creams. So keep an eye out for a shop and consider popping in there for a box of ice creams on your Bank Holiday Monday. Days out needn’t cost the Earth!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday folks!


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