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Talent Shy?

Are you shy about revealing what talents you actually have? How good at something you really are? If this sounds like you, you could be doing yourself a disservice and closing yourself off from possible cash.

Sometimes you feel like you just need the work, at whatever cost. So pricing yourself lower will get you the work? You may think that. But quite often, clients and people looking for folk with your skillset, are expecting to pay a certain amount for a job worth doing.

If a possible client expects to pay £20 an hour for graphic design service, and you’re charging £8, they’ll probably bypass you, thinking your work won’t be much good, like they would scroll past you if you overpriced yourself. Finding the right ballpark price point is key.

If you play down your talents, or what you do for a living as meaningless, people will think it is meaningless. They may decide they don’t need someone to do that job or can perhaps do it themselves. I’ve found this previously. I’d joke that I sit at my computer messing about on the internet but that only did me the disservice of essentially telling people that what I’m doing isn’t worthwhile. You have to change that mindset.

Always be confident enough to say no as well. Don’t settle for something you’re not happy with. I’d rather spend time with family rather than be doing work because I felt like I had to, for less money than I thought I deserved to earn for doing said work. The people you have a gut-feeling to say no to, are almost never happy with the end product you offer either. You will make these mistakes, but you’ll learn from them.

This is true for any area of business, whatever you do for a living. Whether you’re a freelance business person or a guitar player. The theory is the same.

Whilst I don’t want you to brag from the hilltops about how great you are – no one likes that guy – don’t be shy about saying how good you are. You are worthwhile and you have a price point.

Price yourself correctly.


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