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Do You Pick Up Pennies?

It’s a fairly simple question. Do you pick up pennies? Or is there a minimum value of coin that you’ll pick up off the street?

I usually pick up all the coins I see. Not for myself though. They go to charity. I remember I found just over £5 in coins once, someone’s trouser pocket has obviously split or something. I bought myself a bottle of drink but then put the rest into a charity box.

I read about a lady ages ago who lived off £1 a day for a year, but during that time she picked up over £100 from the streets in her hometown. She didn’t use it to break the £1 a day rule, instead gave it to charity. But If you could have an extra £100 a year, you’d say yes. If that came off the street, does it matter? I’ve heard that pound coins are often found laying around near shopping trolleys in supermarkets.

Sur, people look at you like you’re a weirdo, but you’re the one who’s making money for nothing, or helping a charity out. Just because it’s worth less than £1, or £5, or £20 for some people, doesn’t mean it’s worthless. It’s worth more than you know to some people. If 20 people saw a 10p piece, picked it up and gave it to a homeless person, they’d be able to afford something to drink. If you saw a penny every day and put it in a money box, by the end of year one you’d have £3.65, by the end of year 10 you’d have £36.50, give or take leap years. If someone offered you £35, no strings attached, you’d take it.

So often see parents say “leave it” to their kids if they find a coin on the street. Yes, it’s probably dirt, but it can be washed. The real shame here is the fact the child is seeing money as being a throwaway item, not something to be valued. This will be installed in them and then passed onto their children, down the generations. One way of showing children to value their cash is to let them pick up pennies, wash them and then save them up to spend on something they’d like. Or let them give it to charity! We rarely deal in cold hard cash anymore, instead we use contactless payments or pay by card. There will be a day where these children have a plastic card and don’t comprehend the money that is actually associated with it. Find a penny, pick it up & start valuing money.

Find a penny, pick it up & start valuing money.


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