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Little Things Make You Happy

It’s true, it’s quite often the little things in life that make us happy.

I read some articles about this and one of the little things of happiness which kept cropping up, again and again, was finding money that you didn’t know you had.

This doesn’t happen to me a lot, but when it does, it does bring a smile to my face. What should I do with it? How should I spend it? What could we get as a family or what could I get as a surprise for the family?

Money wasn’t the only thing that made the list though. So often, the best things in life are free so here are a few of the other little things which make life that bit happier.


Getting into bed with fresh sheets

Receiving a genuine smile from a stranger

A gesture of kindness from someone in your life

An extra long phone call with someone you love

The smell of cut grass

The smell outside after it’s rained

The chance to be creative – rekindling an old hobby or past time

Eating lunch outside in the sunshine

Small victories – like fixing something that has been broken for ages


Most of those are free. Think about what makes you happy and whilst enjoying these things, maybe smile at a stranger or call up a friend. Your small victory of mowing the lawn might make someone else’s day happier when they smell the freshly cut grass. Be happy!


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