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Society Is Killing Creativity

There is a normal somewhat forced upon us view of what life should be, which I suppose as become the idealistic. We go to school, grow up, college, possibly university, job, a marriage and possibly a few kids dotted in there as well, before retirement and eventually death. The conveyor belt of life.

If you do anything but this, you look like a bit of a lunatic.

There are problems with this though. The school system that we have and the one that we send our children into, does not celebrate all the gifts are wonderful children, those little balls of potential, actually have. We have to learn to read, learn to write, learn to angles of an isosceles triangle. Nowhere does it really champion music, poetry, art. To get a job you’re expected to have so many GCSEs, but what if the job you want doesn’t need GCSEs? What if the job you want is to work for yourself? The hiring comity probably won’t be all that bothered by those grades. What if you want to play piano professionally, again, who cares about the grade you get in GCSE Biology?

The world of school is then replaced with the world of work and if you don’t have a 9-5 job you’re seen to be an oddball. Parents and grandparents lived in a generation where you knuckled down at the same office of industry until retirement and they look at those trying to be different as lazy, or a little bit kooky. We carry round the baggage of these worlds we live in and for what, so at the end of our lives we can say we went to school so we could get a job to pay for things to ultimately die?

As the great line in Cool Runnings goes, people are always afraid of what’s different. With that said, don’t be afraid to be different. We’re in a world where there are more start ups than ever, people are taking chances, yet the global view of what we should be doing isn’t changing.

Creativity is being sucked out of us. From an early age we have that passion, giddy passion, for doing what we love to do. But soon that is all too quickly knocked out for us in favour of sitting exams and writing your opinions about the same subject as the other 20 or 30 people in the classroom, opinions which, maybe I add, can somehow be graded.

Your talent, your passion, of at least the one you once had before it was battered out of you by the wrong end of a pencil, can make you a living. Talented artists, musicians, word-smiths, snake charmers, do exist and why can’t it be you? Or your children? We need creatives and dreamers in this world and every gift should be encouraged, nurtured and praised. Life is for living.

I wrote this after watching a critically acclaimed short film called Alike. It’s a great watch and if you have a spare 7 or 8 minutes, with a few minutes for reflection, I recommend it. I think it will change your outlook on a few things.

Film link:


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