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Make Sure You Vote

Tomorrow, we vote, as a country, to see who will lead us forward. With Brexit, terror attacks and the world generally feeling like it’s falling apart, whoever takes on that roll of leader, will have a huge responsibility.

But we have a responsibility as well. This isn’t about saving a few quid via a cashback app. This is about making sure your voice is heard. SO many people do not vote and have no voted in the past. Now is the time to stand up, rise up and make a difference to the country and the future of this country.

Whether your passion is to save the NHS, fund emergency services, aid pensions, whatever, make sure your voice is heard.

Don’t be one of those people on Friday who wished that they’d voted.

This vote will shape the generations ahead and whilst so many mistakes have been made in the past, now is the time to get this right, unite behind whoever is selected and move forward as a country. There is plenty of division in the world already, let’s not create more after polling day.

Please vote, and please take a pen to do so. Make your vote count, in ink!


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