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Watch Game Of Thrones S7 for £1

Game Of Thrones is back tonight! (last night in the USA so try & avoid spoilers as best you can!)

We finally get to see what happens now all the key characters are going to collide. What impact will the dragons have? Who will get their backside on the iron throne? What will it be like now Jon Snow can no longer say “Winter Is Coming”? Winter is here and season 7 promises to be the best yet!

If you don’t have access to watch Game Of Thrones in Sky Atlantic, you can get an introductory rate of £1 for a Now TV Entertainment month pass. This will give you the first 4 episodes. After the month you’ll be charged £6.99 a month for the pass (£7.99 from mid-August), so be sure to cancel if you don’t want to be hit with that charge. As there are only 7 episodes this season, you could pay the £1, then a payment of £6.99 before cancelling. That way you’ll be able to see the whole season for only £7.99, whilst having access to loads of other boxsets and top shows. You could, of course, wait until episode 4 and activate your months pass that day.

You could, of course, wait until episode 4 and activate your months pass that day. Giving you the entire season for only £1. It could be risky though as spoilers are rattling around the internet these days as soon as they happen. It’s hard enough avoiding them for 24 hours once it’s aired in the States!

Be sure to go through a cashback site like Quidco too. At the time of writing this, for taking the months introductory pass at £1, you get 50p cashback. So you could perhaps see the entire new season of GoT for only 50p! What an absolute bargain!

Read my post here about how to watch brilliant boxsets for more than 10 weeks, for absolutely nothing!

*prices correct at time of writing

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