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Free Things To Do This Summer

The summer holidays are in full swing. Just because the kids are off school, it doesn’t mean you have to throw money at experiences in order to make family memories.

  • Go to the beach. Beaches are free! You might have to pay for parking but you could always look around for free on street parking. Take a picnic and plenty of water to stay hydrated, to cut down on costs. You might splurge on an ice cream or two though!
  • Head to a free Museum. There are so many museums in this country that you can enter for free. It might spark some inspiration for you or the kids!
  • Work up a sweat with a free trial at British Military Fitness. They have sessions all over the country! Keep an eye out for free gym passes too, some of them have a pool so you might be able to take the kids for a swim for free – let me know if you find any!
  • Forget the pool altogether and go wild swimming!
  • Visit a free festival. There are plenty, take advantage.
  • Go for a walk, or a hike. Maybe do a walking tour of your nearest city. Take your camera and get snap-happy.
  • Go foraging! Find out more via The Woodland Trust.
  • Visit your local library. If it’s still open, use it!
  • Do some gardening. I know that ours gets into a bit of a state quite easily, but children love getting their hands dirty and helping out. Maybe tidy it up a bit and get an area ready for some fruit and veg planting?

See, things don’t have to cost loads of money. Perhaps keep a tally and see how much you actually spent over the summer holidays. Let me know any other awesome ideas over on Twitter. Have a great summer!


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