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Thirsty? Have some water!

You know how it is, you’re heading away on holiday, get to the airport and you or someone you’re travelling with is thirsty. If you’re not heading for a beer or glass of wine, you might just want a drink of water. Bottled water after security is expensive, but some UK airports have water fountains!

A lot of people think that the restrictions on taking liquids in hand luggage mean you need to shell out in cafes or shops after security, or even buy something on the plane. But you don’t! Simply take an empty bottle through security with you and fill it up on the other side.

It’s worth noting that not all airports have them (including Leeds Bradford, Cardiff & Newcastle) however a lot of them do, including Heathrow. On its website you can see that it reads:

“We have over 100 water fountains across Heathrow’s four terminals clearly signposted and located at most toilets where you are welcome to fill up your water bottles.”

If you are unable to find one, or you know for sure the airport doesn’t have one, you could always ask at a cafe, restaurant or pub for a glass of tap water and maybe, with your best smile, ask for them to fill up your empty water bottle too. They might say no, but if you don’t ask…

Holidays are expensive enough without shelling out a couple of quid for water. Save your pennies for experiences whilst you’re away and quench your thirst, for free!


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