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Take The Plunge

I was watching a YouTube video a few weeks ago. Something stuck with me. It was one of these ‘exploring’ videos where some young twenty-something lads were making videos as they travelled around the world, to different cultures, abandoned places and generally make cool content which gets lots of views. Essentially they had tried something, it had worked, they were travelling, living the dream and they had some decent gear.

They said an older chap, maybe 50-60 had been parked up alongside them one night and he got quite angry about the equipment they had – cameras, drones etc, saying that one of those pieces of equipment is worth more money than he has. He never took the chance to get out of the 9-5, to adventure.

Why the anger? Why the jealousy? I come to the conclusion, just as the chap in the video did, that people are annoyed that they aren’t in that situation, that they haven’t taken a chance when others have. That’s the reason for the anger and jealousy, which is actually quite pathetic. Why can we not be happy for one another?

I find that a lot with YouTube videos I’ve posted. If they ‘catch fire’ and get many views, they end up with loads of ‘thumbs down’ and negative comments as well. It’s from people who are sat watching other people doing something they haven’t bothered doing, but not praising it, doing it a disserve instead. I don’t get it. It’s a shame we now live in a world where people feel the need to try to bring others down like that.

The older bloke clearly never took the chance to get out of the 9-5, to adventure. Don’t be jealous of what other people have, they’re on a different path, a different journey. We should be concerned with ourselves and make things happen that way.

Take the plunge, take chances, and if you’re not happy, don’t settle for the ordinary.


2 Responses to “Take The Plunge”

  1. Christine Vickers

    My parents had that viewpoint – even my grandmother, whom I loved beyond words said once, when I was a child, talking about the job I would like to do, that everyone hates their jobs.
    I have fought all my life, sometimes ineffectually, I admit, against their philosophies.
    It worked mostly. I am now retired from a job I loved, as a DHT in a special school and I am certainly not as scared of life and the concept of “other” as my family were.


  2. thriftychap

    Both my wife & I find it hard as our families have no idea what we do (both self employed) and it’s often difficult for our jobs to be seen as worthwhile because we’re not going into an office between certain hours of the day. I’d never change it though. Thanks for your lovely comments.



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