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Price Hikes

There have been a couple of very well publicised price hikes recently.

First of all, British Gas. They have said that the 12.5% rise “reflects the increasing costs of energy policy and delivery to customers’ homes since 2014”.

Do not just sit back and take this price hike, regardless of how loyal to British Gas you are. Give them a call, they probably won’t do anything but it’s worth asking. If you don’t ask you don’t get! If that doesn’t work, switch. There is nothing to be scared of when switching. Whilst you might not want to go with one of the lesser known companies as it might not sit right in your head, there are so many companies out there which will be cheaper and hence save you money! There won’t be an outage as things are switched,, your service will be continuous, the only thing that changes is who you pay. British Gas’s increase will mean the average person will be paying £1,120 a year from September, for typical usage on their standard tariff. Cheapest tariffs elsewhere are around £850!

Secondly, Virgin Media are increasing their prices, which could cost households as much as £48 extra a year. These changes will come in from November with those who have speedier broadband being hit with some of the biggest hikes. Again, don’t sit and accept the price increase. Give them a call, see what they can do, play the loyalty card, not that loyalty really stands for anything these days. If you’re not happy, use your feet and leave. New customers get the best deals so become a new customer with another provider. Make sure to join up via a cashback site link Quidco. At the time of writing this article, you can get £75 cashback for joining Sky, and £115 if you take BT Broadband, Calls & TV. 

Beat the hikes, folks!


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