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Free Things To Do This Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday, the last once before Christmas. Worth doing something, but what you do doesn’t have to cost loads of money. Here are a few ideas of what you could get up to on Monday.

Check your local community noticeboard or Facebook page. Often on Bank Holidays, there are things happening like community get togethers, craft fairs or something similar.

Do a family photo shoot in the garden (if the weather is nice) or indoors if it’s chucking it down! It’s always nice to update some of the photos on your wall!

Go foraging. Make sure you know what you’re picking and you could even use it in a recipe when you get home! Make sure you do it legally!

Get a frisbee out and head to the park. Or kick the football around in the garden. Maybe have a family swingball tournament, you never know, it could become an annual event!

Take a walk on the beach and don’t forget to build a sandcastle. A flask of tea, some biscuits and a couple of lightweight chairs – you could even enjoy the sunset!

Blow the dust off an old board game and get competitive. Risk, Monopoly, Cluedo, which is your favourite?

Meet up with someone who you have been meaning to for ages – maybe drop them a text before you head round in case they’re busy doing something from our list!

Let us know your free ideas and what you’re up to this Bank Holiday Monday!


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