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Back To School

It might be Bank Holiday but this time next week & it’s back to school.

School uniforms have been in the shops and supermarkets before schools even broke up for summer. Poor kids! The six weeks holiday is almost up and if you haven’t already bought new polo shirts, jumpers & PE kits, now is the time.

Whilst Lidl & Aldi might not have any left, the other supermarkets with full-time clothes sections probably do. Take a look online and see which are the cheapest, but remember that the cheapest aren’t always the best quality. You don’t want to be having to buy stuff again in a few weeks if something has split or ripped. Make sure you keep your receipt and don’t forget that many of the supermarket clothes have a guarantee on them.

Ebay is a great place for new school bags and packed lunch boxes if your kids need them. The supermarkets have all had them in too, so might be selling them off at cut-price now Autumn stock is due. It’s worth a look in the discount sections!

Be sure to get everything you need in for packed lunches, you don’t want to be rushing down to the corner shop for some yoghurts on Monday morning! Bread, cheese, ham and fruit is much of a muchness from any supermarket. Why not find out which will cost you the least per lunch and shop there?

Whilst the school holidays have flown by, remember that the kids are growing up and entering a new school year, some will even be going to a new school, or like mine, going to school for the first time! They might feel sick, you might feel emotional. Be there for one another, ensure you have everything you need well in advance and enjoy this last week together before back to school begins!


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