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Search For Discount Codes

Never, I repeat, never, just pay the price the internet gives you.

With just a couple of clicks you could discover a discount code that gives you a percentage discount.

For example, I just made a purchase. I’d checked my preferred cashback site to see if the retailer was on there, they were not.

Note – at this point it’s worth noting that sometimes even if you click through a cashback site, if you use a discount code which isn’t listed on the site, you may not get your cashback paid. Sometimes they counteract one another so if you are going to get 5% discount but have clicked through expecting 25% cashback, it might not be worthwhile as you might only end up with the 5% discount. It’s up to you to decide.

Anyway, a couple of minutes later, I’d been on Google, typed in the name of the retailer followed by ‘discount code’ and I was presented with a bunch of website who said they had codes. Many of these were out of date, I tried one and it didn’t work but then I found a 10% off code. It worked, boom! In about 90 seconds I’d got myself a 10% reduction on the price, which worked out to be about £7. Well worth the time!

So the moral of today’s post, don’t just think the price on screen is the price you must pay. Discount codes are so readily accessible and easy to find. Whilst some of them fail to work, others do and it’s a great way of cutting down the amount you’re paying for your purchases.

Go search


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