helping you save cash

Save For Something

We all have dreams and ambitions, right?

Remember when you were young and your parents tried to help you save up money for something. That feeling you got when you finally had enough in your piggy bank to go down to the shop and buy it was second to none. You’d achieved it.

Nowadays I pretty much buy when I want/need. I’m not talking about a new car or something, but if I need new jeans, I get them because I need them. Of course, being a Thrifty Chap I tend to buy them in a sale when I see them and buy enough to keep me going until the next sale. So that feeling of satisfaction has gone. All-be-it, probably replaced with my sense of wanting to save money on purchases, rather than saving up for something like when I was a youngster.

We’ve wanted a camper van for ages. Ever since we met. It’s just never happened. Now, with 2 young kids, we thought it was the perfect time to get one and enjoy weekends away together now that our eldest has started school. Time together has become extremely precious and heading away for a couple of nights of adventure, easily, would be great. So we’ve started saving, and it’s amazing how much you can save when you really put your mind to it. If you really want something, the money quickly builds up.

The ‘picturesque’ VW camper van isn’t on our radar, we need safety and space. So we’re looking at other options but hopefully, once we’ve decided, we’ll be somewhere close to having enough saved up for it.

I think we lose that sense of saving for a particular item after we’ve progressed from childhood and start earning money-a-proper. It’s a hard one to jump back into but it’s a feeling I’ve definitely missed!


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