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Breakdown Cover

I recently renewed our car insurance. Don’t worry, I didn’t just settle for the auto-renewal price they sent through. I rang them up, whilst I was waiting to talk to a human I did a quick comparison. Found a slightly cheaper quote than last year (higher excess though!), got through to the person, asked if there was anything they could do on the price as it seemed to have jumped quite a bit considering we barely use the car (4000 miles a year if that!). He quickly came back with a price I was happy with and I said yes. With one phone call just over 10% of my quote was knocked off.

Whilst I was on that call though, he asked if I considered breakdown. I usually have this, just a cheap one, in place as we usually every year travel a couple of hours to a camping holiday. With 2 young kids, no one wants to break down and have to sort things out on the side of the road. Knowing that there is breakdown in place is peace of mind.

I was apparently due a discount on the breakdown they offer through Greenflag. I thought it might be worth listening to as ours is finishing soon. After hearing all the spiel, he came back with a price of just over £70. That seems an awful lot (this price included discounts!) considering I paid less than £40 last year! It was also just on the vehciel, not personal cover!

Switch between companies every year and you should be treated as a new customer. With that said, new customers always get the best deals and you can also get cashback! Take a look at Quidco for cashback rates which (at time of writing this!) include £34 cashback if you buy a policy between £60-£83.99. If you got a policy for £60 and got £34 cashback, that’s breakdown cover for £26. You can get £36.50 cashback on policies between those same prices from the RAC. Obviously , the type of breakdown cover varies so select what is right for you and the best deal on what is right for you, but you get the idea.

£70 is an awful lot of money when you can get decent breakdown cover for a lot less! offer cheap breakdown prices and you can also get 20% cashback via Quidco. My vehicle cover, for Roadside Assistance with Local Recovery & National Recovery, works out at £18.60 with them! That’s £14.88 after cashback!

Take the time to shop around for breakdown cover.


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