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Book Your Holidays Now For 2018

You might remember my post earlier in the year (as well as my Christmas holidays post a few days ago) about booking 9 days off & getting 18. Get a big chunk of holiday time by only booking a little chunk!

Well, you can do the same for 2018. And you might as well get in there and book in now before one of your colleagues does and you are unable to.

Book 14 days off from 5th May (5th – 11th, 14th – 18th, 21st – 25th) and the way the bank holidays fall you’ll actually get 24 days off including weekends. That’s pretty much an entire month! You’ll go back in on the 29th feeling relaxed from your long break.

You can also do the same thing for Easter,. Book 8 days off & get 14. Take 26th – 29th March and 3rd – 6th April and you’ll get the weekends either side as well as a four day weekend in the middle for Good Friday – Easter Monday.

Obviously, this won’t work for everyone as people are self-employed, work shifts and different days etc. Make sure you check out how to get 10 days off this Christmas by only taking 3 days and book your holidays well in advance.


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