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Festival Savings

The summer might be over, but let’s talk about 2018 festivals!

I saw this post on Metro (& other news pages) and even tweeted about it as I thought it was a genius money saving idea. If you haven’t clicked the link, basically a chap went to where a festival was going to be held a couple of weeks before they started setting it up for the festival. He buried a bottle of vodka, put the GPS coordinates in his phone and then at the festival, dug it up. Ta-da, booze without the festival prices. Genius ey?

Think got me thinking, what other ways are there to save money on your festival fun?

Well now is the time to buy those early bird tickets. Organisers often release a couple of hundred early bird tickets at this year’s prices, for next year’s event. With everything seemingly increasing in price these days, this is a great way to save a few quid if you’re definitely planning on attending next year. Of course, things change and it does mean paying for your ticket now, with money you might not have saved up yet. However, it does mean you don’t have to pay for it next year! Let’s focus on that positive. 🙂

Volunteer at festivals and you often have a couple of shifts over the weekend, manning the bar or litter picking and you get the rest of the time to do what you want, seeing the bands you love. That’s a great way to go to festivals for free!

Know how much alcohol you’re allowed to take it. We’ve all seen crates of beer mounted up at the security gates or those people who refuse to leave it and will try and drink a few cans before entering the campsite. If you know how much you’re allowed to take in (it varies festival-to-festival) you won’t waste cash on booze for the security chaps.

Set yourself a daily budget. We can all get a little crazy on the first day of a festival. You buy a ticket, a few beers and suddenly you’ve spent most of what you brought with you. Cash points at festivals usually cost to use so ensure you have enough money for the whole festival, including an emergency fund, just incase you buy one too many ciders!

Invest in a power bank. Whilst you can pay for your phone to be charged at festivals, it’s money you don’t need to spend. A power bank is great, you charge it up at home and then it’ll charge your phone three or four times, away from the mains. You’ll no doubt use it again, and it’s great for having in your pocket if you’re going on a hike for the day or are camping. A sound investment I’d say!

Don’t waste money on expensive clothes or tents. You’re going to be in a field for a few days, possibly muddy, probably without showering. Your tent might be wrecked, your shoes might end up being ruined beyond saving. A basic tent which you’re not bothered about is the best idea, along with a bag of clothes which you are happy to wear, but you’re not bothered if they get smelly, muddy or worse!

Taking your own food with you will make sure you have something you like but without the price tag of festivals. £15 pizzas, £5 chips. It soon adds up! Organise food with friends to split the cost and cook/eat together. Travel with mates too, to cut the cost of petrol.

Let me know any of your top festival money saving tips in the comments or over on Twitter and enjoy looking forward to the 2018 festival season!



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