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Experiences Not Things

Looking ahead to Christmas (3 months time!), do my kids, and do we as a family, really need more toys, more clutter, more things?

The answer is no. We don’t. We probably need new clothes as the children grow, more food in the cupboard as it gets stripped bare regularly and time together is something we definitely require. Time is something you can’t buy though, but you can buy & give experiences.

A voucher for a meal out is such a simple thing to give. You’re giving the gift of a meal out together, cooked for you with no washing up, just time together, eating, spending time as family. What a genius gift to give. Also, make sure it is a voucher, giving cash will not be seen in the same way and will end up being put towards the mortgage!

As a family, give each other a hypothetical voucher of a day out at a place of each persons choosing. For a family of 4, that’s 4 days out over the year, enjoying new places or revisiting ones which you loved previously. It could be a boat trip to see a lighthouse, a day at the zoo, a sporting event, or even something which doesn’t cost money. A day on the beach, a picnic in the park, the promise of something like that.

New toys quite often isolate individuals in families. One person wants to play with this whilst another plays with that. Coming together as a family is fantastic and it’s also less Lego to stand on (ouch!) and find a home in your house for.

This year, try giving experiences instead of things.


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