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Aisle or Counter?

Interesting reading this one. I recently read on MoneySavingExpert about the differences in supermarket prices between the prepackaged aisle and the in store counter. They give some great info on where you can make savings, and these savings add up!

Comparing the price per 100g we can clearly see the savings by visiting the meat counter, fish counter, and cheese counter.

I’ll let you click through to the article yourself but an example is:

Tesco Finest outdoor-bred roast ham on the bone. 25% cheaper – £2.25 for £125g on the fresh counter and £3 for 125g down the aisle.

At 25% cheaper, buy that from the aisle for four weeks and you could have bought another 100g from the fresh counter!

If there is a fresh counter it’s well worth the look. Prepacked isn’t always the cheapest, and that goes for fruit and veg too. We pay for the convenience and speed of going down an aisle and just picking stuff up, not going to someone on a counter.

Next time you’re in the shops, check out the prices on the manned counters, you might be surprised where you can save money!


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