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Check Your Energy Bills, Winter Is Coming

Have you turned the heating on yet?

I’m a Yorkshireman so usually, the heating doesn’t come on until we turn the calendar month to November. However this year it’s been really quite cold, earlier than I expected it to be. With two young kids in the house, the heating has indeed been flicked on.

With winter on the way, now is the time to double check with your provider that you’re on their best deal, or indeed, switch suppliers to get a better deal elsewhere. I’ve said it before, Loyalty Means Nothing so don’t be afraid to jump side to a price which is better for you.

Be wise, don’t waste energy or money. Use the timer on your thermostat to ensure you’re heating the house when you actually need it. If you’re going away for the weekend, override the time and just keep it ticking over until you come back.

Don’t forget, if you’re sitting there in a t-shirt and no socks, it’s cold. Put a hoody and a decent pair of socks on before you turn your radiators up a few degrees. Another top tip is not to turn it up as high as you perhaps would have done in the past. Even half a degree less (which you probably wouldn’t feel!) will save money & energy.

If you are considering switching companies, don’t think that you’ll be left during the transition period without heat or light. It’s the same supply, it’s just who you’re paying that changes so fear not, you won’t be thrown into the cold and dark! Make sure you check to see if the company you’re switching to is on a cashback site too!

Now, go & get those socks on…



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