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The Cost Of Living

Everything is getting more expensive. Whether it’s Brexit or not, the cost of living is on the rise, so we’ve got to put plans into action, right?

Electricity, petrol, food shopping, even funerals are getting more expensive. We can’t even die without someone have to shell out more than before for it!

So without taking up too much of your time, I’d rather you put it to better use – I encourage you, take an hour today to check that you’re on the cheapest utility deal. Next time you’re shopping question that brand, can you get a cheaper version, do you even need it in the first place? Check your outgoings every month. Still paying for the gym you never visit, cancel it.

Can you make things yourself instead of buying them? Can you upcycle something instead of buying new, or check an online marketplace for a bargain. Start planning for Christmas too, remember, you don’t have to have a lot to have a good time. Use cashback sites. Make some changes in your life because it is becoming increasingly more expensive to live.

Little changes will make big differences, or at least help keep us at the level we’re used to, so we don’t feel the increase quite as much.



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