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A Soup-er Deal!

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of delicious soup now the weather has turned terrible and the nights have drawn in. Winter is definitely soup weather in our house.

Whilst it’s great to make your own, and often healthier, how would you like some free soup?

Head to the New Covent Garden website, type in your email & hit submit. You’ll get a voucher to print off sent to your email address, worth £1 off any of their soups.

But how do I get the soup for free, they are more than a pound.

Look for it on offer.

Morrisons has currently got the 600g flavours reduced to £1 until Sunday 26th November. FREE!

If Iceland is closer, they also have the 600g flavours at £1, however, they have a smaller range on their shelves. But still, FREE!

Tesco have got the 700g soup reduced to £1.17 (until 28/11/17) so you’d get 700g of soup for just 17p, or if Sainsbury’s is closer to your home, they have it down to £1.25, so you’d pay only 25p for 700g (on offer until 21/11/17).

Get a couple of members of the family with different email addresses to get a voucher and if you won’t eat it before it’s use-by-date, pop it in your freezer for later in the month. That’s a pretty soup-er deal this winter.


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