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Changing My Phone

My iPhone recently gave up the ghost. It is almost two years old and has been a workhorse for business, personal use and also bring chewed by my kids.

For a while though, whilst it was slowly dying it’s technodeath, I’d been looking at possible replacements and couldn’t bring myself to purchase another iPhone. They are expensive and the thought of shelling out that amount of money, even though I’ve been using one of Apple’s best selling phones for five years, I started looking at other phones.

I decided to take a chance and after reading some reviews, opted for a P10 Lite from a company I can’t pronounce the name of, Huawei.

So far, I’m chuffed I took the plunge. The Android phone beats the iPhone on price by a country mile. Performance wise, whilst it’s taking me a while to figure out, it had everything I need and more, even outshining the iPhone.

Phones are just tools. I don’t see them as status symbols or anything. They need to do what I need them to do and whilst Apple seemed to have a monopoly on new ideas and advanced tech in phones a few years ago, other companies have caught up and even pulled ahead, with Apple borrowing ideas and features from them now!

Take a look around for your next phone instead of just plumping for the same brand you’ve had before. The cost of an iPhone is no longer justified.


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