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Christmas Lights

I love Christmas.

We live on a main street, near a school and so since we moved we’ve always said we’d try and decorate the outside of the house during the festive season. This would hopefully bring a little joy and excitement to the kids as they leave school in the dark every weekday (sorry parents!). It’s also nice to see people slow down and take a look at the twinkling lights on an evening.

What really upsets me though, is the fact that I spent some of our hard earned money on new Christmas lights. I put them up on Saturday afternoon and by 10pm on Saturday evening when I came back from a very rare visit to the pub, some of them had already been trashed by idiotic passers-by .

Fuming is an understatement. These lights are to share the festive season and spread some joy, bring excitement to my kids and other people walking or driving past. Also, it’s money spent which now is wasted. I might as well have just chucked the cash in the bin.

Whilst I bought them at the best possible price, it’s not the point. Trashing someone else’s stuff, whatever it might be, is stupid, regardless of how drunk you may be. I don’t mind buying things which will benefit others, in fact I quite enjoy that community-minded spirit, but when this kind of thing happens, it makes me wonder why I bother.

I won’t let this ruin my festive cheer so since then I have ordered 2 new sets of candy cane lights. Whilst I didn’t put the others anywhere near the roadside, I’ll place these new ones even further away from trashing-temptation. We’ll see what happens.



2 Responses to “Christmas Lights”

  1. Christine Vickers

    You know, I’m usually quite an optimistic person, but reading this piece reminds that some people need a damned good thrashing. Not that I’m a violent person! How can people be so lacking in empathy? I know your lights are inanimate, and at least no living thing was injured, but why damage your lights?
    Ive edited this response 4 times so far to try to sound not as angry as I am. Not sure if it’s worked.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours and keep writing.

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    • thriftychap

      It does make me wonder why we bother. Since then we’ve decided to make some little certificates and have a drive around the town, stopping at houses with lights that our two boys love. They’ll get a little note pushed through thanking the for spreading some Christmas cheer. Turning a negative into a positive 🙂



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