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Feeling The Chill?

Winter is upon us and it’s pretty flippin’ chilly, even indoors. Is just whacking up the heating really the best way to stay warm?

Obviously, it will cost you. The more your heating is on, the higher it is set, the more you’re likely to be paying.

Put a jumper on. It’s standard stuff really, but lots of people sit there, complaining about being cold but are only wearing a t-shirt. A jumper can add between 2C and 4C in warmth (thickness depending) so it’s an easy fix.

If you are sat on the sofa on an evening, socks, thick socks, dressing gowns or snuggling up with a blanket over you will keep you warm.

You don’t really need your heating to come on a full hour before you usually get out of bed. 15 or 20 minutes will be plenty. That’s a dramatic cut in your hating right there.

Use the controls on individual radiators to heat your rooms. If you have a spare room you won’t need to heat it all the time, maybe more over Christmas if you have guests but turn that radiator down a little.

Make sure you’re keeping draughts out. Plugging up those holes or gaps will make sure you’re heating isn’t being wasted.

Having your boiler serviced will ensure it’s running properly. It will also mean you’re less likely to be stuck in the middle of winter without a functioning boiler. Christmas callouts can be expensive and inconvenient.

There are loads of energy saving tips out there, as well as advice for staying warm during the winter months. Share your favourites with me over on Twitter and keep the cold at bay this season.


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