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Are the January Sales worth it?

The January sales no longer start in January. We know that, but there will still be plenty of sales starting today or carrying on from over the festive season.

My question is, are they worth it?

I’m not one of those people who will go out and camp outside a shop to get the best bargains. I don’t see the point. Whilst grabbing a bargain (IF YOU NEED IT & CAN AFFORD IT!) is great, spending time with family, to me, is more important.

There is so little ‘time off’ these days, everything is so fast paced, action packed and people even shop the sales on Christmas Day. Whilst I may take a few minutes to browse online if we need something for the house or if I get cash for Christmas to spend, there is plenty of time for all that.

Sales seem to be active all year round and with so much competition in the marketplace, you can usually get a decent price on what you need. I’d encourage you to enjoy time as a family today because the sales will still be on tomorrow.


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