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Make Christmas 2018 Easier

How do you save cash through the year to make next Christmas that little bit easier? I’ve seen a few posts about it, with ideas which can bag you a big pay day in December.

One idea is to put £1 away in the first week of the year, £2 in the second week, £3 in the third week etc. That’s a good idea but I’d struggle when we get to week 25 and onwards. Can you imagine putting £45 aside followed by £46 the next? I’d be living on dry toast!

Another idea was to put £1 aside on Monday, through to £7 on Sunday, then repeat week on week. That’s £28 a week, again, which I couldn’t afford to do.

Both the above examples will save you around £1500 over the course of the year but you have to put that cash away which many won’t be able to afford.

I’ve decided to keep it simple. £10 a week for 50 weeks, giving a total of £500 to spend for Christmas.

We didn’t spend £500 at Christmas this year, nowhere near. So saving half a grand would cover Christmas present and food spends and also take some pressure off the ‘long’ month of January.

Let me know what your money saving ideas and goals are for 2018 over on Twitter & Facebook.


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