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Green Jinn Review

Available on the App Store & Google Play, Green Jinn is set to take 2018 by storm.

You know I love cashback apps. They’re perfect for getting money off your weekly shop, or getting freebies now & then – CheckoutSmart is the BEST for freebies so be sure to join.

Green Jinn has entered the market and there is a place for it. They crowdfunded and that campaign was over 100% overfunded which is some achievement.

Here’s how the app works…


It’s a little bit like Shopmium with a lot more offers available. Unlike Shopmium, it isn’t paid directly into your bank account when it’s been accepted. You have to get £1.50 or more in your account to request payment, however that can be to either your bank account or Paypal.

There are big brands on there as well as supermarket own. Think Twinings, Listerine, Yeo Valley & Birds Eye to name just a few. My first purchase was one I didn’t realise was on there. I bought some easy peeler clementines for £1 and then spotted that Green Jinn had 40p cashback.

Currently it only has offers available for Tesco, Sainsburys & Waitrose, however, they intend to add more supermarkets soon.

Definitely worth downloading, folks. It’s like having a bundle of paper vouchers, without the bundle of paper vouchers. All organised and ready to use directly on your phone. Get it downloaded and you’ll be saving money in no time.


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