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If You Pay For Lots Of Prescriptions, You Need To Read This

Like most people, I hate being ill but I love being able to see a doctor and get the medicine they reckon will make me better. Being self employed I need something to work and work fast so I can recover quickly, or let me power through like a true workplace warrior.

When I swiped my card to pay for the medication, there was a person collecting a massive bag of pills. I thought to myself, I hope they know about prepayment certificates. Then it occurred to me that some people actually don’t!

If you are on long term medication and pay for the privilege, you could possibly save some cash. Of course, not everyone pays for prescriptions (pregnant ladies, over 60s, under 16s are just three examples) so this won’t apply to everyone.

New figures show that last year, over 800 thousand people paid for 13 or more prescriptions individually. At the cost of each prescription that totals more than the cost of a prepayment certificate which at the moment is £104. 13 x £8.40 = £109.20, meaning that if you paid for 13 you’d pay over a fiver more than you could have. You can do the maths for if you were getting 15, 20 or maybe 25 items per year. If you were prescribed 2 items per month, that’s over £200 you’d be spending! You could save yourself almost £100! The general rule of thumb is that if you get more than 1 item prescribed per month, you could save money.

The certificate covers all your prescriptions within that year. 3 month certificates are also available, currently for £29.10.

With April on the horizon and the likelihood of an increased prescription charge, you could save even more if you were to purchase a year’s certificate today. Be sure you will use it and don’t forget that you can backdate it as well, but only by a month.

More info can be found on the NHS website here.


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