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Plastic Ain’t Fantastic

The use of plastic has been in the news a lot recently. The oceans have a ridiculous amount of plastic floating around, ruining nature & killing wildlife.

There are easy ways to cut back on the amount of plastic we use.

Some, not all, fruit & veg is cheaper if it comes pre-packed. Take the time to look at the labels and discover which loose fruit and veg is actually cheaper. That way you’ll be saving both cash and the planet.

Use a water bottle wich you can refill instead of buying a new plastic bottle of water every time. You can also find places to fill up for free.

Buy refill packs of coffee and other products. You don’t need a new jar and the rice is usually cheaper per 100g for the refill.

Ignore the straw. Do you really need a plastic straw with your drink? Why not get a paper one or a reusable plastic one?  Millions of single-use plastic straws are thrown away every day, they are a huge contributor to plastic waste and they take hundreds of years to break down.

Buy a proper reusable bag for your shopping.

Don’t forget, recycling is so important but try to reuse first. Anyone remember their grandad having jars (or Brylcreem pots!) of screws & nails in the garage?

Let me know your top plastic saving tips on Twitter.

Let’s try and save the world, one plastic bottle at a time.


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