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Do You Have A Lost Bank Account?

There are MILLIONS of pounds in lost bank accounts. You are now racking your brains to see if you can remember a bank account you opened, put a load of cash into and forgot about aren’t you? Well, it’s fairly easy to get the ball rolling to see if you do have any forgotten accounts.

Go to My Lost Account, Use this to find lost current accounts or savings accounts. It’s estimated the unclaimed cash in these could be £850 million, so it’s worth it.

You DON’T need to pay a ‘specialist’ company to try and reclaim lost monies. There are plenty of them out there offering to do it for you but you can just as easily do it yourself and not have to pay the said company for the privilege.

Martin Lewis has previously spoken about the above website on his TV show, so expect it to be slower than usual but there is also plenty of other info including pensions, premium bonds and deceased relatives bank accounts on the MoneySavingExpert website too.

It’s worth a look, you never know what you might have forgotten!


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