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5 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last year I wrote a blog post about Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas which is great, go back and read that if you’re reading this last minute. This year, I wanted to look at things differently.

As a couple, we love Japan. We went there on Honeymoon, we love the culture, the movies, the food. If you & your loved one have a shared interest in another country, why not go down the route of how they celebrate the day of love? Different places are the world have different traditions, why not enjoy one of those this Valentine’s Day? This article on Huffington Post should get you started.

Do some touristy things in the town you live. Whether that’s going for a picnic in the park, visiting the local attractions or perhaps just having a brew together in the local indie coffee shop. Embrace the area you live & take some selfies as you go.

A bouquet is flowers is seen as traditional, but what about a pot plant or something you can watch grow and take care of together. How about a bonsai tree, or something to plant in the garden? Make even some seeds or bulbs to plant together in a garden or driveway border.

Love isn’t just romance, love is caring, charity, kindness. Send some flowers to a nursing home instead of each other. Bake a cake for your neighbours. Look online for Valentine’s Day themed fundraisers to get involved with. If you’re not in a relationship, bury the hatchet with someone you’ve fallen out with or not spoken to for a long time. Spread some love.

Celebrate tomorrow, or next week instead. Restaurants, chocolates, flowers are all tailored and priced for Valentine’s Day. There will be discounts on February 15th on gifts and why do you need the expensive set menu at the crowded Italian?

There you go. Celebrate alternatively this year. Have fun love birds!



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