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Alternatives To Soft Play

There’s nothing quite like the hell that is ‘soft play’ to make a Dad curl up into the foetal position. As we’re midway through the half term holidays, I thought that I would come up with some alternatives to the costly, stinks-of-feet, never-anywhere-to-sit and has cr@p coffee world of the soft play centre.

Museums are full of awesome displays and they frequently cater for children with special events. Last year we visited a Lego Dinosaur exhibition at our local museum and we could have easily stayed all day. The best part, it was free!

Pretty much all kids love Peppa Pig, so getting waterproofs & wellies on to go for a walk through the woods, or your local park is perfect for some puddle splashing fun!

Similar to above, wrap up warm and head to the beach. You’ll get hours of entertainment with a bucket & spade, take your own drinks for the children and a flask of tea for yourself. It’s free and you could even treat the kids to an ice cream with the money you saved on soft play entry.

If you do go for a walk, why not pop into your local library. They often have events on during the school holidays and you can expand your child’s imagination with the world of books.

Playing with friends doesn’t have to cost. Organise to go to someone’s house and let your children play together, with other peoples toys. You can then return the favour and they can come to yours later in the week, or during the next holidays. You’ll also get some adult conversation whilst the children play.

Want to stay at home? Give the whole family a mission to complete. How about to make a giant train track around the whole house? Or, inspired by Ramona & Beezus, create the longest picture in the world? Make some awesome memories in your very own home.

Whilst you may not want your kids watching TV all holiday, watching a film is different to back to back episodes of Go Jetters. How about a classic Disney, or a recent animation? Add a cheap bag of popcorn & you are all sorted.

Let me know your other soft play alternatives over on Twitter & enjoy the rest of the half-term holidays.


2 Responses to “Alternatives To Soft Play”

  1. thriftymumcom

    I was sure I commented the other week about this but it doesn’t appear to have stuck! Just wanted to say that these are brilliant ideas especially if you’re stuck indoors as the kids are ill (again!) The longest picture is so much fun to try and create. We have a couple of rolls of paper from Ikea which is perfect for this! Keeps them quiet for just long enough to sit and have a homemade cup of tea that probably only costs 2p!



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