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Coffee Shop Atmosphere Without Coffee Shop Prices

You know that I’m always on the lookout for savings and I love a good cup of coffee.

However, working in the coffee shop can be quite expensive.

I’ve written many posts previously about how to get cheaper coffee & how the working from a coffee shop can actually be worth the price you pay for a cup o’Joe.

However, I’ve discovered a new way to get the ambience of a coffee shop without actually having to be there.

Noisli aims to improve focus and boost productivity with background noise. One of the noises on there is a coffee shop! I tried it for an hour and it works.

Gone is the noise of my computer whirring away, replaced instead with background chatter, clicking of cups, everything you’d expect from Starbucks, Costa or your indie coffee shop.

There are other sounds too, including a train, forest, water and white noise. You can also select more than one at a time so you could enjoy the noise of a fire on a summers evening, or the wind at the seaside.

If this truly does enhance your focus & productivity, it’s worth putting on in the background. I often find music distracting, however, this FREE website should help you do your work smarter, with less distraction and ideally to produce better work.

It’s also cheaper to brew up at home as well. Make sure you have a nice coffee in your cup, releasing the smell of freshly ground beans into the air for an extra layer of sensation.

Let me know how you get on with Noisli over on Twitter.


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