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Mobile Phone Data

The media would have you believe that we are all on our phones, all the live-long day.

Whilst that might be true for some, the amount of data we use on our phones has only increased slightly over the last couple of years.

Make sure you check how much data you are using, on average, on a monthly basis and ensure you are not paying for a LOT of data when you actually use less than on your contract.

Mobile phone providers will offer what seems to be great deals on high data packages, but do you really need it? I know that the majority of places I go, I connect to Wi-Fi.

It’s easy to check how much data you’re using, and if you’re using less than what’s included in your package, call your provider and see if you can get a discount. They might not do anything, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

I’m coming to an end of my contract, but I’ve already bought a new phone so will be looking to end my contract and change to a cheaper deal, or get the company to offer me something more affordable as I won’t be paying off a ‘free’ phone through the contract.

Our phones might be a necessity but don’t pay for something you’re not using. Just like everything else, a quick check and you’ll be certain you’re getting the best deal for you.


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