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Adapt To Survive

Bare with me, I’m not sure where this post is really going…

The world moves at a quick speed. Business is now 24 hours a day, we are bombarded with news, information and updates all the time, wherever we are. However, to survive in this world, we must move with it. We must adapt ourselves and our businesses to survive.

Toys R Us has been put into administration (things might have developed from me writing this to publishing it so forgive me if this doesn’t include any changes). I loved Geoffrey the Giraffe as a kid. Going round the huge megastores, full of toys, see what I wanted for Christmas or to buy with birthday money, those are some awesome memories. Maplin was put into administration on the same day. Prezzo also announced that 100 of its restaurants would be closing.

Have these companies adapted to the times or have they stuck in the rut of the past and that is their potential downfall? Maybe the new generation of parents are letting their children play with Ipads, does that mean toy shops are obsolete? The Entertainer seems to be doing well. Perhaps people are buying their food elsewhere, or not eating out as much? Maybe electricals buying has slowed down. Who knows what the cause is?

Brexit has been mentioned in all these cases but I don’t want to get into politics. In both business and life, we must adapt to survive. I have previously closed businesses down because the demand wasn’t there anymore where it once was. I’ve set up other businesses and moved them forward to tailor to certain situations in the year and developments in life. This is integral, both to make money and keep businesses afloat, but also to be able to live. Working 16 hours a day for a company and not seeing your family might pay your bills but would it make you happy/ Adapt to make your life the one you want it to be.

When I see news like businesses going into administration and people losing their jobs, I know that we must in order to not only survive be successful and thrive.


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