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When You Lose A Client

I recently lost a client. It so happens whenever I gain or lose a client I tend to get the opposite happening pretty much at the same time, which is good I suppose, it’s a replacement, or frees up space for the new work coming in. However, it’s very disheartening.

I love talking about money on this blog but I also run a number of businesses, which to me, is a great idea. I’ve spoken before about having fingers in many pies. If one pie doesn’t exist anymore, you’ve still got other pies to go at. If you were employed by one single company, and that company was a pie – if you were made redundant, no more pie.

Whilst I’ve covered the topic before, I’ve never really spoken about the feeling.

That feeling inside you when you fear the worst. When the work isn’t coming in, when your brain takes over and your thoughts snowball into a nightmare of losing everything, every client, every revenue stream and the lifeline that is the finance of life.

Dramatic much?

I’ve been made redundant before, from one solo job. I walked out with my head held high and at the time I was probably bricking it. It’s the fear of the unknown.

Whilst, in this case, I’ve lost a client, I’d gained one a few days earlier. I also have other things going on and do, realistically, have money coming in. We ain’t going to be broke by losing one client.

But these emotions and feelings are important. It’s a crucial part of the journey, the process. That is what makes us human. If I didn’t panic, get flustered or start thinking the worst, I’d probably get complacent.

It’s a shakeup. It’s change.

And whilst change can be scary, we probably all need it once in a while. It can develop us into becoming better creatives, better communicators and better people.


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