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Cheltenham Betting

I used to work for a betting company. I know, who knew, right?

Whilst there I never really got into the betting thing, apart from during Cheltenham week. It was a big deal in the office, lots of shouting, applauding, misery if the results went the way of the punter. I limited myself to £10 and basically tried to turn it into more, whilst having a bit of fun and getting in on the racing office chat.

These days I do the same. However, I do things differently. I noticed a few years ago that clicking through to a betting company via a cashback site like Quidco, you can often get paid to bet.

They also tend to pay you MORE for big events like Cheltenham.

For instance, at the moment you can open a new account with Ladbrokes, deposit £10, place a £10 bet and get £450 cashback in your Quidco account! You’ll also get some free bets.

Coral are doing something similar but with £50.

Unfortunately, I have already opened accounts with these bookmakers so can’t qualify for these high amounts.

However, I’ve never had an account with William Hill, until now.

William Hill has increased their cashback to £18 if you deposit £10 & place a £10 bet, but they also give you 3 x £10 free bets. I opened an account with them yesterday so got my £18 tracked in my Quidco account. That’s +£8 when it gets paid, so I’m winning already.

I put my ‘proper’ £10 bet on an accumulator (which didn’t come off) however I also used 2 of my free bets on the first race of the Cheltenham 2018 meet. One of them returned £90!

So with one free bet still in my account to use, I have won £90, got £18 tracked in my Quidco account and spent only £10. That’s £98 I’ve made and I’ve got a £10 free bet remaining.

Even if my bets didn’t win I’d still be £8 better off. It’s worth looking at.

Obviously don’t get carried away if you win, know when to pull out and don’t keep chucking money at it, the last thing I want you to do is to get into debt by gambling.

But if you are confident in knowing when to stop and limiting yourself to just those free bets and then walking away, it’s an awesome way to make some cash.

The companies increase their amounts because they assume that you will continue to bet with them, especially when they can bombard you with emails and texts, but as they say on all their adverts, we the fun stops, stop.

There are loads of articles out there about matching betting, but this is an easy way to get some money via cashback, without having to understand matched betting.

You can sign up to Quidco here.

*info correct at time of publishing

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